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Privacy and Transparency Notice



Privacy and Transparency Notice 2018/19

Data Controller – Kenton Forden is the data controller.  Telephone number: 01243 820585.  Mobile telephone number: 07835 241986.

Purposes of Processing – Your data will be processed in order to:

  • ·         Provide services under contract to you;
  • ·         Provide services to others (in so far as this does not breach client confidentiality);
  • ·         Comply with regulatory and other legal obligations and
  • ·         Protect Kenton’s Renovations against potential claims.

Legal Basis – Your data will be processed on the basis that Kenton’s Renovations has a legitimate interest in being able to achieve the aims of processing set out above.  Where special category data is provided, the provider of the data warrants that they consent to Kenton’s Renovations processing that data or that they have obtained written consent from the data subject.

 Personal Data Held – Kenton’s Renovations is required to hold telephone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses of customers to facilitate the provision of quotations and invoices for work undertaken and to make arrangements in relation to work to be carried out.  This will rarely include special category data. 

Failure to Provide Data – If you fail to provide Kenton’s Renovations with the data required you will not receive services or marketing.

Data Sources – Kenton’s Renovations obtains most personal data from its customers and those who have indicated that they have an interest in Kenton’s Renovations services.  Kenton’s Renovations may also obtain some personal data from other correspondence (e.g. Local Authority planning permissions). 

Recipients – Any data provided by a customer is treated as confidential to that customer and will only be shared with others in so far as this is necessary in order to provide the services contracted for by the customer, to comply with regulatory and other legal obligations and to protect Kenton’s Renovations against a potential claim.  In order to provide its services, Kenton’s Renovations relies on the services of certain data processors.   These include secure cloud storage for files and emails.  In each case, Kenton’s Renovations ensures that data is processed in compliance with this policy.

Third Countries and Safeguards – Other than where required in order to provide services as required in individual customer matters, data is rarely sent to third countries and where it is it will only be sent via email communication.

Retention Period – Data is held indefinitely.

Data Subject’s Rights – Where relevant, you have the right (subject to client confidentiality) to:

  • ·         Withdraw consent to the processing of your data;
  • ·         Complain to a supervisory authority regarding the processing of your data (https// and
  • ·         Obtain a copy of the data held on you and to correction of any errors in that data.

Further Details – The Data Controller will provide further details of any of the above on request.

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